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Evans location has moved to 3637-A Walton Way Extension, Augusta

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have consolidated our two locations into one at Walton Way Extension. The Evans location is now closed. Client records, appointments and gift certificates have been transferred to Walton Way. We look forward to seeing all our clients at 3637 Walton Way Extension next door to Gold's Gym. Call either number for more information.


The mounting stress brought on by today's hectic, hurry-up, instant everything, too-busy lifestyle is taking its toll on your health. Now, more than ever, you should take steps to allow your body to relax, unwind, recharge and rejuvenate.

A massage at Aqua Salon & Spa provides the ultimate experience in relaxation, promoting mental alertness and enhancing your capacity for calm and creative thinking. Choose from one of our many massage options and allow us to nourish your body, mind and soul.

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Mini Massage
25 minutes, $50

Focuses on neck, back and shoulders to reduce pain or just everyday stress.

Swedish Massage
50 minutes, $70; 80 minutes, $105

Soothing full body relaxation massage to relieve stress and anxiety.

Therapeutic Massage
50 minutes, $80; $80 minutes, $120

Helps alleviate muscle tension and improve circulation. Problem areas are addressed.

Deep Tissue Massage
50 minutes, $80; 80 minutes, $125

The most healing massage of all. Promotes blood and lymph circulation and aides in reducing pain and muscle tension due to inactivity or trauma.

Aromatherapy Massage
50 minutes, $80; 80 minutes, $115

Combined with a relaxing massage, essential oils are used to create a complete sensory experience to balance your mind, body and soul.

Hot Stone Massage
50 minutes, $95; 80 minutes, $130

Enjoy the warmth of the heated stones incorporated with the therapist's touch to receive a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

Maternity Massage
50 minutes, $80

Designed to relieve discomfort and pain experienced during pregnancy. Increases the flow of oxygen and blood to tissues, accelerating the flow of nutrients to both mother and baby (after first trimester only). Check with your doctor before taking any massage treatments.

Massage for Two
Add $10 for Shared Room

e.g. Swedish Massage: 50 minutes, $140 + $10 for Shared Room
Enjoy a massage with a special someone shared in a joined room. Your choice of any of the massages above, 50 minutes or 80 minutes.
Upgrades available.